Southgate Park


4mm 00 Gauge, 1986-1991 Network South East

Southgate Park is situated on the South Western section of the Southern region and is somewhere in the vicinity of Kew Bridge/Brentford, after Old Kew Junction.

With a bit of 'alternative history' and a couple of strategically placed junctions, Southgate Park is served by local services from Waterloo, which terminate in the bay and semi-fasts from Waterloo, Basingstoke/ Guildford and Salisbury.

These form the core services, utilising a variety of inner suburban EPB's, outer Suburban VEPS, CIG's, HAPS and CEP's and loco hauled for the Salisbury services.

Occasional peak hour services from Paddington and Reading are possible by way of a link from the Great western mainline to the North London line at Acton, and a further link with the Brentford branch to the west of Brentford.

These are occasional loco hauled service to Newbury or Oxford